My So-Called Garden


September 16, 2010 by Ellen V

It is a Life Goal of mine to have a vegetable garden one day.  I’d love to have rows and rows of tomatoes, peppers, root vegetables, and herbs.

For now, though, I settle for a few pots on our teeny, tiny little patio.  Eric and I planted one with cherry tomatoes, one with jalapenos, and one with basil at the beginning of the summer.  Our sad little plants have just about reached their end.  It is time we bid them farewell.

Our sad little veggies.

Our basil struggled this year.  We were able to salvage enough for one batch of pesto, a few margharita pizzas, and a handful of other dinners where its use seemed appropriate. The poor little guy has looked terrible since late June, but we somehow managed to keep it going.  We even harvested a few handfuls of fresh leaves just last week!

Our tomato plant has looked terrible for about a month, but has lately been giving us a second round of delicious, sweet little cherry tomatoes.  I can’t bear to throw it out until the first frost.  The tomatoes from the store just don’t tast the same! For as overgrown and broken down as it looks, it has beared a great deal of delicious fruit.

But it is our jalapeno plant that has been our pride and joy this summer.  It looks beautiful, has given us a bountiful harvest, and is something I would certainly plant again.  The only down side of the jalapeno plant is that I haven’t found a use for all the peppers!  Next time, I’ll plan ahead and look into canning some.

Soon, we’ll be preparing for our Wisconsin winter and the death of all things green.  We’ll miss our little garden and look forward to more green things in 2011!

One thought on “My So-Called Garden

  1. Thanks for the post. I am always looking for ways to improve my gardening and cooking skills. My family loves eating real food.

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