Far from Wall Art


September 19, 2010 by Ellen V



I hate these shelves. 

I have hated them for the entirety of our marriage. 

It is not actually the shelves I hate, but the random and meaningless (to me, anyway) things that are on them.  I think they have had the same things sitting on them since I have known Eric.  The shelves never bothered me while we were dating. They were his shelves, not mine, so why would I care anyway? 

But now, they are OUR shelves.  And I hate them. 

The trouble is, I haven’t a clue how to make them better!  So this week, my project is to figure it out.  I have an idea that I think might work, but will involve ordering some new photographs as well as some husband-convincing.  I hope that by this time next week, you’ll be seeing the “after”!


3 thoughts on “Far from Wall Art

  1. Is this about the pine cone?

  2. LK says:

    You two are funny.

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