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October 3, 2010 by Ellen V

It’s the first weekend of October, and the weather in Milwaukee is proving it.  We’ve had chilly days and even colder nights this weekend, but the colors outside look beautiful and the pumpkins are beginning to appear on the neighbors doorsteps!

Happy October!

Last night, Eric and I had the privilege of attending an area benefit honoring a great family.  Dance for Diabetes was fall at its finest: hay rides, pumpkins, a pig roast, and tons of people getting together for a great cause.  We took home some beautiful pumpkins, which totally got me in the autumn spirit!

Happy October!

To continue the festive feelings, I nabbed some super cheap (3/$1) gourds from my favorite grocery store to bring the October joy indoors.  The only thing missing now is pumpkin pie!  We’ll let the pumpkins hang out on the steps for a week or two, and then I hope to gut and carve them for the sake of the seeds–delicious!

In other news, my mother informs me that Martha Stewart will be on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday showing us how to–you guessed it–fold fitted sheets!  It makes me wish I had DVR!


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