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October 10, 2010 by Ellen V

Eric and I are back to our home sweet home after a whirlwind trip to Minnesota for family and fun.  We are absolutely exhausted, but we are so glad we were able to make the trip to celebrate the wedding of a very special couple.

My parents at the reception, looking super-cool as usual.

My mom has 11 brothers and sisters in her Q Clan, so, needless to say, get-togethers are frequent, large, and always a blast.  We need very little to be entertained!   More than usual, though, I was impressed with Ryan and Christine’s event.  A great party!

Wedding receptions are dinner parties on a grand scale, and I took a few things away from this one.  I hope they will translate to our own home!

  1. Work with the space and season! Christine and Ryan were married on October 9, and they held their reception at the County Fairgrounds.  It was absolutely amazing!  They were obviously inspired by the season without being kitschy or themey with their grays, creams, oranges, and greens.  Their big orange lanterns, seasonal flowers, and homemade signage didn’t hide the space–they showed it off! 


  2. Go local! Through a little research, I found out that Christine and Ryan recruited family and friends to help with much of their decorations and decorating, and they used local businesses for most of their vendors.  Supporting local businesses and adding personal, family touches makes everyone happy!
  3. Eat well and often. We never went hungry at this reception, which is not true of every wedding I’ve been to.  We were treated with appetizers, a great country-style buffet, and yummy apple and pumpkin desserts.  My mouth is watering at the memory!
  4. Themes?  Kinda. I loved the harvest food and decor, but I was so glad that Ryan and Christine weren’t afraid to stray when appropriate.  Ryan’s other side of the family is Jamaican, and he chose an appetizer at the reception and a soup at the rehearsal dinner that nodded to his heritage.  Delicious and so perfect for the occasion!
  5. Love the day! Christine and Ryan were obviously happy and excited, and their joy rubbed off on all of us!

Along with these tidbits, I leave you a grainy iPhone picture of a beautiful evening celebrating a fantastic couple.  I only hope Eric and I can entertain with such style in our own home!


A beautiful evening in celebration of Ryan and Christine!



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