The TV Problem


October 11, 2010 by Ellen V

Several years ago, when I was moving from a rented room in a house a friend owned to my own little apartment, I decided to get rid of my television.  I had noticed that turning on the TV was the first thing I did when I got out of bed or came home from work, and I wanted some freedom from the media.  Of course, I still had a computer with an internet connection, so I could choose to fire up a DVD or Hulu anytime I wanted to zone out.  The great thing wasn’t a complete disconnect from TV, but giving myself the choice to watch a show (or read a book, or call my sisters, or bake cookies) instead of spending all my free time with constant TV noise in the background.

After our January wedding, I moved into Eric’s house which is equipped with one good-sized HD TV.  More and more lately, especially with a change in jobs and a little more free time on my part, we find ourselves back in the habit of spending 2-3 hours in front of the television each day.  This habit affects all our time at home.  We start eating in the living room more often, instead of at the dinner table.  We let our chores slide occasionally as we become engrossed in a show.  We find it harder to listen to one another and make good conversation.

We made an agreement last night to keep the television off until later in the evening.  In our continual work to make our house a home, we need to make sure we come back, after school or work, to a place where we do more than pass the time between work days.  We are creating a place that fosters our love for one another and shares that love with others.  I love Glee as much as the next gal, but I’ll give it up for the sake of my home.


One thought on “The TV Problem

  1. LK says:

    Seriously? No Glee? Even for Eric? Wow! I’m impressed.

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