Quilts and Buttons: My Personal Sewing History


October 13, 2010 by Ellen V

I would really like to own a sewing machine.


Pottery Barn

I don’t have lofty goals of making my own clothes or sewing quilts for every member of my family or anything.  It’s just that, ever since I can remember, my mom could always patch a hole in my jeans or hem the pants that were too long.  I’d like to do those things, too!


My personal sewing history goes something like this: I learned simple cross-stitching sometime in primary school, and I love to work on pillow cases and table runners and other simple kits.  Then, in junior high, I took Quilt Camp in the summers.  My first product was a warm but sub-par flannel quilt, but the second year I put together a quilt nice enough for my parents to keep on their bed for several years.  For my age, I

Ye Olde Schoolhouse

was pretty handy with the sewing stuff!  Since then, I must admit, I’ve regressed.

QuiltPetaler, on Etsy

Yesterday morning I had to sew a few buttons that had fallen off a sweater, and I was simply embarrassed for myself.


There are a few skills at which I’d like to be adept.  I’d like to be able to sew buttons.  I’d like to be able to hem a pair of pants.  I’d like to be able to sew on some little one’s Boy Scout or Girl Scout patches.  I’d like a decent tool with which to do it.


On my wish list!




2 thoughts on “Quilts and Buttons: My Personal Sewing History

  1. LK says:

    Have I failed as a mother? I’m just sayin’…

  2. KF says:

    Failed??? Ellen wants a sewing machine and children… someone who’s in boy/girl scouts. Ellen Rocks!

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