Real Life.

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October 17, 2010 by Ellen V

Today has reminded me that real life ain’t so easy.  I feel like I’ve gotten tons accomplished this weekend, and I still have hardly made a dent in the big to-do list in my head.  Yikes.

Eric’s been gone all weekend.  Really wanting to impress him before his return home, I went to Mass extremely early this morning (pre-dawn!) so I could get cracking.  I hit up Target on the way home for some essentials (toilet paper, paper towels, etc–a once a month thing for us).  I sat down as soon as I got home and devised a quick menu for the week and matching grocery list.  Then, I hit up the Sendik’s down the road for our weekly provisions.  The Sunday grocery shopping ritual is usually one of my favorite things about the week.  I love the hoards of people packed in the little store, picking out just the right snacks for Sunday dinner (a big baguette to go with bruschetta and/or brie and Grandma Pat’s pear jam), even waiting in line for fresh meat I can pick out myself.  Today, though, everyone was annoying me.  I had things to do!

A good friend is moving from Milwaukee to Oklahoma City this week, so I invited her to have a simple lunch with me today.  I was able to get the sweet potato fries in the oven and do a quick sweep of the house before she got there–whew.  I gave her a little Alterra hot chocolate mix, one of my favorite things about living in Milwaukee, to remember Wisconsin by.  It was a welcome break in the day, don’t get me wrong, but it certainly only added to my feeling overwhelmed!

After Kim left, I was still able to get the perennials from the back of the house cut down and bagged and the front yard raked, as well as do the bare minimum around the house (laundry, kitchen cleaning, etc).  I’m about half-way through the desserts now.  Unfortunately, I have a feeling the basement makeover will have to wait yet another week to begin.

But–praise the good Lord!–Eric is home and all is well.  I guess I’ll start being more organized and a cooler housewife next weekend!


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