If I had a Million Dollars

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October 24, 2010 by Ellen V

I’d be rich.

And I would definitely buy a doorstop for our study.  Since I’ve lived here (almost 10 months now) we’ve held our study door open with a book.  Specifically, with The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha.  Which could possibly be the best thing to do with that book.  But still…  I’d like to take ‘er up a notch.

Currently, I’m thinking about stealing the tiny little cast iron squirrel doorstop we bought for Eric’s mom at the Princeton Flea Market last summer.  I’m not sure she would miss it.  I’m also not sure stealing from my mother-in-law is a very good idea.

I thought about buying one of those cute, trendy nautical knot doorstops, but–even on Etsy.com–they’re $45.  Yikes.

So if I had a million dollars, I guess I would buy this adorable little Jack Door Stop from World Market for $7.  Then I’d still have $999,993 to spend on a yacht.

awesome doorstop, from World Market


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