Weekend Fun


October 31, 2010 by Ellen V

Our weekend has been ultra productive, and we haven’t even had trick-or-treaters yet!

Eric and I had absolutely no plans for our Saturday, and we accomplished everything on our to-do list by 2:00 p.m. or so.  This includes washing walls.  Clearly we were getting bored.  At around 3:00, Eric insisted we get out of the house, so I suggested checking out a very popular area apple orchard, The Elegant Farmer.  Neither of us had ever been before, but it seemed like a good excuse to get out of the house.  We were a little disappointed with the high prices and our own tardiness (by the time we got there, close to 4:30, a lot of the fun was shutting down), but we did come home with one of the best caramel apple’s I’ve ever tasted as well as a half-peck of Apple Seconds. That’s right–for $7 we got 10 lbs of the not-quite-so-pretty homegrown apples.


Slow Cooker Apple Sauce


I got to work this afternoon peeling and chopping so I could try my hand at some homemade apple sauce.  I quadrupled a classic Betty Crocker recipe (using 16 apples vs. 4 in the original recipe), which calls for a little water, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.  I chose to cook them in the slow cooker rather than the stove top because, well, I feel like everything tastes better when it comes from the slow cooker!  We’ll also dry some slices for snacks in my food dehydrator while we’re sleeping tonight.

And now, I have Pandora on a Halloween station as we prepare for the costumed children to wander our neighborhood this afternoon.  A great fall weekend!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. […] to come back to that in a few weeks.  I did discover, however, a rather large container of the applesauce I made last […]

  2. […] This weekend we managed a few homemade creations. In addition to the usual meals and such, I mean. I got a wild hair on Friday afternoon to rip up an old t-shirt and make some headbands (both these and these) for Jane. They were so easy and turned out really cute! Sunday, I made my little diaper pail disks, as promised. They smell great! I’m looking forward to replacing the store bought ones that, frankly, really, really need to be replaced. On Sunday night, Eric and I used the apple peeler/corer/slicer that Mama K passed down to him at Christmas and whipped up some yummy apple sauce. […]

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