The Merits of Breakfast for Dinner

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November 4, 2010 by Ellen V

The other night, Eric and I ate one of our favorite meals for busy days like these: Breakfast for Dinner.  It’s cheap, delicious, easy to prepare, and we usually have most of the ingredients on hand.  Last night we ate scrambled eggs, pork breakfast sausages, and fresh raspberries, but we’ve also thrown in bacon, toast, other fresh fruits and veggies, pancakes, granola, you name it.

One of the things I love most about our mealtimes is that they reflect the priority we have of sharing a point in our day together.  We always pray before our meals and sit down somewhere together–even if it’s on the living room floor for 10 minutes like it was last night.

We were so inspired by our meal last night, we decided to invite our friends over for a Sunday Potluck Brunch.  We’ll do an egg bake, breakfast sausage links, coffee, orange juice, and bloody marys, and we’ll allow our friends to supply some of their favorite breakfast foods, as well.  Food, friends, relaxation, merriment–these things are what Sundays are all about!  We can’t wait!


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