Sunday Brunch

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November 7, 2010 by Ellen V

This weekend was seriously awesome.  Seriously.

Eric and I headed up to his parents’ cabin, located a few hours north of Milwaukee, for some rest and relaxation for about a day and a half.  I had some work to do on Saturday evening, so we were back in plenty of time for church stuff and to prep for our brunch on Sunday.  We also used our extra hour (Happy Daylight Savings Ending!) to eat at a gluttonous Chinese buffet and take a movie.

This morning, I woke up bright and early, raced a little 5K at the Milwaukee County Zoo (a shout out to the East Siders running the NYC marathon today!), and then we hosted about 15-20 of our nearest and dearest friends for my favorite meal of all time: BRUNCH.

Beautiful things are about to happen.

The concept?  Bring your favorite breakfast food or drink to share with your friends on a Sunday afternoon.  Breakfast foods are cheap, easy, and delicious.  Eric worked on a delicious Bloody Mary pitcher, complete with choices for jalapeno-infused vodka or the plain, unadulterated kind, while I made an egg bake a la Mama K.  Though we knew it would be a fabulous idea (Eric ate at many a potluck brunch when he lived in Atlanta), our friends loved it even more than we hoped they would.  Those with kids liked the easy, mid-day time, those with heavy work loads liked that they could stop by for a bite and leave soon after, those with fantasy football teams to maintain loved their ability to check results often, and those doing the cleaning up (ahem) loved that they still had the whole day to throw dishes in the wash and still have a Sunday!

Unfortunately, the weekend is all too quickly coming to an end, and I have a busy week ahead.  Fortunately, the busy-ness does include eating dinner at someone else’s house (hooray!) and hosting a baby shower for a fantastic friend (even better!).  Happy Sunday Night!


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