It’s a… Baby Shower! Part 1


November 9, 2010 by Ellen V

I’m hosting a Baby Shower for soon-to-be-Mama Jen tomorrow evening, and I am nervous.  I’ve got 13 young women, many of whom I don’t know, coming into my small home for a girly gathering to celebrate a coming baby.  I have very little experience with any of this.  Why did I volunteer myself, again?

Anyway, we’re way past that.

Jen also works for a church so, between both our schedules, a Wednesday evening sounded as good a time to have a party as any!  We’re having desserts, coffee, and cider, playing one (and only one) game, and showering Jen with baby goodies.  That sounds reasonable, right?

I’ve spent the last few days trying to get some things ready.  Eric–God bless him–drove with me to the other end of town last night to pick up a gift, which I wrapped this morning.  Since our wedding, I’ve promised myself I would wait a year before I bought another wrapping box/bag/paper/ribbon.  Unfortunately, our gift was a little too big for any of our 25 gift bags, and our Sponge Bob Christmas wrapping paper just didn’t seem appropriate.  So I improvised.


Baby gifts!


Personally, my favorite things about going to showers (especially when I’m not the one being showered) are 1) the food and 2) the favors.  Because… well.. let’s just be honest, the favors are usually food.  At this particular shower, I’m focusing my efforts on sweets–a woman’s dream.  Or at least this woman’s dream!  I put together a few favors and game prizes that reflected the pampering we all need.


treats to take home

treats for game winners

Now that gifts and treats and such are taken care of, it’s on to the next (and most important) part of preparation: food.  Wish me luck!



One thought on “It’s a… Baby Shower! Part 1

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