It’s a… Baby Shower! Part 2

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November 11, 2010 by Ellen V

I survived!  I wasn’t able to get my act together enough to take pictures–sorry about that–but I survived, nonetheless.  All in all, I think the Baby Shower was a success, but I definitely came away with a few lessons learned.  Here’s the rundown:

The Not-So-Great

  • I hated that we had this gathering on a weekday evening.  We had to work around several busy schedules, so I’m not sure what the alternative would have been, but I felt rushed and nervous all day, and now there’s still a mountain of clean up to do.
  • On a similar note, I am exhausted today.
  • I should have recruited a co-host.  I had a few friends offer to do things, but I really wanted to take the burden of responsibility on myself.  Silly, Ellen!
  • Since I didn’t have a co-host, Eric ended up doing way more than he should have.  And, since I work late tonight, he’ll probably end up doing a lot of the cleaning for me, too.  He is seriously a saint.
  • I’m terrible at introducing people to one another and helping people get to know each other.  As a former youth minister, I despise ice breakers and avoid them at costs.  Not always helpful.
  • There were a few new-ish mamas and their babies present, and I wish I would have been more thoughtful about setting up a place for nursing and changing.  My house is not very baby friendly!

The Not-So-Bad

  • After a series of mediocre baking and cooking attempts, I made a super delicious flourless chocolate cake and homemade whipped cream for the first time.  I would make it again in a heartbeat.  I’m so excited about how well it went!  The recipe can be found here.
  • My gut told me it wouldn’t be a “gamey” crowd, and my instincts were right.  We played 2 simple, quick games, did the gift opening thing, and then mostly just hung around and talked babies.  And, I think, that’s what Jen wanted.
  • Eric took Aaron, Jen’s husband, for drinks and trivia at a local establishment while the girls hung out.  I’m so glad we took care of Aaron while we gifted Jen!
  • The hot apple cider was a yummy treat for a non-drinking crowd.
  • I love my Dallas, but I locked the dog in the bedroom for the evening.  She didn’t even seem too upset about it!  She’s a good girl, but she can be frustrating to those who don’t know her well or are concerned about their young children.  It was smart to politely ask her to excuse herself for the evening.

For breakfast, I ate a little leftover strawberry shortcake and a giant cup of coffee.  All’s well that ends well.


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