Meal Planning Challenge: My Week is Insane

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November 14, 2010 by Ellen V

Out of one busy week and into another…  It’s been a crazy November!  I’m looking forward to slowing down soon.

In the meantime, the challenge for Eric and I today has been our grocery list.  I’ve mentioned our methods before: we menu plan on Sunday for the entire week, and shop based on our menu.  We’ve found great success in wasting less food and sticking closer to our budget by simply planning ahead.  We plan carefully for Sunday through Thursday, and then on Friday and Saturday we eat leftovers, treat ourselves to a meal out, get together with friends, or make another small trip to the grocery store.  We don’t buy much for lunches, often feasting on leftovers or trying to eat up what we haven’t gotten to in weeks previously.  If we can’t both be home for dinner, we try to use up dried goods or frozen meat or sides from especially big meals.

This week our problem is that I work every. single. night. Yikes!  No meals at home together usually means no leftovers, and that makes for a difficult week!

We just got back from the grocery store.  The game plan?  We are offsetting our problem by making a big (huge) batch of stew tomorrow that should last well into the week.  We also stocked up on a few lunch items we’d usually go without (Cliff bars, deli meat and cheese, crackers, extra fruit, etc).

Here’s to praying our meal tomorrow turns out… otherwise, we’re in deep trouble!


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