The Art of the Thank You Note, and other little Follow Ups

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November 19, 2010 by Ellen V

I love handwritten thank you notes!  I love writing them, and I love receiving them.  All my favorite keepers of homes are so good at this!

Recently, I got one of the best thank you notes ever.  My cousin Ryan thanked me for reading at his wedding ceremony.  It was so special that, in addition to the thank you for the gift we got he and his new bride, Ryan wrote me a completely separate heartfelt note, as well.

In my first week at my new job, which I started just this August, a first-time mother wrote me a thank you note for helping to schedule the baptism of her new son.  How awesome!  I was just doing one of the more mundane parts of my job, but it was so uplifting to see that I had positively impacted a family, especially so early on in a new position.

Super-sweet thank you notes, from sweetbellacards on

So often, especially in this technological day and age, we’re embarrassed about our handwriting or spelling skills, and we’d rather type a thank you than mail something out.  But there is something so seriously special about getting a little note in the mail box!  Writing thank you notes requires time, thought, and organization—none of which any of us have much of lately.  I, for one, need to do a better job making this treasured art a priority!

As my favorite liturgical season (Advent) draws near, I’d love to take some time to care for people.  What I mean is, I want to thank people for treating me well, I want to call friends I haven’t spoken to for a while, I want to share baked goods with my neighbors, I want to stop by the places I used to work to say hello.  In a day and age filled with tweets and status updates, my goal this Advent is to be there, in person.  It will help be a better hostess and a better guest, I’m sure!


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