Old/New Friends


November 21, 2010 by Ellen V

For the second time in the last six months, an old friend who I hadn’t spoken to in years found me out of the blue and wanted to get together again!

An old (yikes!) picture of my old/new friend Kim and I.

The first, earlier this summer, was a college teammate who had been relocated in her job to the Milwaukee area.  We had fallen out of touch, but we quickly found our friendship renewed with a few afternoon jogs followed by some amazing meals.  Kim ended up leaving for Oklahoma in October, but I am so grateful we got reconnected!

Then, last week, a girl I graduated from college with Facebook stalked me when she found out (via our alumni magazine) that we live in the very same suburb of a town nowhere near where we went to school.  She and I have a few connections, but we never knew each other very well.  We met for coffee yesterday afternoon, which was way out of my comfort zone (the meeting with a near-stranger, not the coffee part!)  Now it seems to me there’s no reason we won’t be good friends.

Funny how things work when you allow yourself to be present to people.  It’s not even Advent yet, and it looks like I’m already making progress toward my goal!


One thought on “Old/New Friends

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