A Basement is a Basement


November 22, 2010 by Ellen V

Eric has been gone since Friday, so I really, really wanted to surprise him by updated our basement.  I had all these little plans and even a budget worked out for myself.  I was going to cover the hideous couch, put something new on the wall, buy a space heater, etc.

Then I talked to my mom.  She killed my ideas.  What a party pooper!  But she’s right (of course)–a basement is a basement.  She discussed my ideas with me, mulled them over, and promptly emailed me the next morning, saying something along the lines of, “It’s a basement.  Get over it, and spend your money elsewhere!”

As if my mother’s advice wasn’t enough, I overheard some church ladies yesterday morning saying the exact same thing!  They have great basements with space to play, but no one wants to be in them anyway.  If they had to do it over again, they wouldn’t invest a dime beyond the bare minimum of functionality.

Since my mom is my personal home decorating guru, I took her advice and didn’t do a darn thing.  Eric will come home to the same old basement he’s always had.  Maybe that’s okay this time around.


Basements. Ugh. Ours comes complete with ugly couch, mismatched artwork (though I love the girl who made it!) and wires that lead to nowhere.



One thought on “A Basement is a Basement

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