Thankful for Family in Rural Minnesota

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November 27, 2010 by Ellen V

Eric and I have been in Minnesota since Wednesday evening and will be heading back to our home soon.  We have been ever so grateful for tons of family under one roof, a cornucopia of food, and plenty of games/baking/decorating to keep us more than entertained.

I’m reminded when I visit the house of my youth that “home” means spending time with family and friends, sharing time and meals together, and creating memories.  Though this looks different for everyone, it often feels the same.  On this Thanksgiving weekend, I’m so grateful for a house filled with memories and being able to create new ones all the time!

This weekend, I meant to blog on some aspect of our delicious Thanksgiving dinner (I hope Mama K will guest post on her spicy sweet potatoes sometime soon!), on the bench my parents have given us to repurpose for our sad little porch, or on some fantastic early Christmas presents for the home given and received, but I’ve been too busy enjoying it all for that.  For now, I simply feel grateful for the time here and grateful for the home I’ll go back to soon!

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