Gingerbread Cookies

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November 28, 2010 by Ellen V

A few days ago, I posted that my beloved K Family doesn’t boast of many traditions, but Papa K reminded me of another while I visited Minnesota…  Gingerbread Cookies!

Ever since I can remember, Dad gathered my siblings and I together on a weekend day between Thanksgiving and Christmas when he could distract my mom with something (work…shopping…holiday parties…anything).  The all-day project bothered my mom to no end.  The dough needed to be mixed and refrigerated for several hours, then rolled, cut into shapes, and baked, and finally–the best part–frosting and sprinkling the whole lot.  My mom hated the length of time the cookies took, the red-hot candies we ate by the handful, and, most of all, the mess we created. But we love it, of course, and she knew the best thing she could do was get out of our way!


A small sampling of the K Family creations from 2010!



So, even now, Papa K preps the dough and bakes the cookies and makes sure to find a few hours where at least two or three of us are willing to frost and sprinkle gingerbread men (and women and trees and stars and more).  The recipe is classic Betty Crocker from a cookbook older than I am. The recipe is delicious–just be careful not to over-bake them!  Their dark color make it hard to tell when they’re cooked through.  The quantity is perfect for baking and decorating with pals.  There are plenty to go around, but not so many you’ll get tired of it!  This year, even Mama K joined in for the fun.  She won’t admit it, but  I think she even enjoyed herself!

I won’t be able to spend Christmas in Minnesota this year, so I’m thankful my dad gave me the opportunity to participate in the gingerbread cookie tradition a little early.  Happy sprinkling!


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