Winter Weekends in MKE

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December 4, 2010 by Ellen V

It’s barely Saturday afternoon, but I’m already so excited about some of the things we’ve been doing this weekend.  I just had to share!

Yesterday, Eric (in an obvious attempt to make sure I’m in his debt) raked the last of our leaves from the lawn and the driveway and swept the garage!  The chores were long overdue, and his efforts paid off doubly since this morning we woke up to our first snow of the season!


A winter wonderland, from the comfort of our dining room.



After we each warmed up with a little morning jog, we met back at our house to shovel the sidewalk and driveway.  The snow has continued to come down, but now it’ll just take a quick once-over this afternoon to shovel up the additional snowfall.

Then, this morning, we wandered into downtown Milwaukee to check out the Urban Garage Sale I had heard about.  Held in the historic Turner Hall Ballroom, it was chic downtown boutique meets your grandma’s favorite craft fair meets the best flea market ever.  A few dozen local businesses brought several of their best wares with prices lowered enough to more than pay for the $3 admission.  Eric and I went with an open mind, $50, and a short list of Christmas gifts to buy.

We loved it!  We didn’t make much progress on our Christmas list, but we blew through our money pretty quickly.  We stopped by a booth manned by one of our favorite local coffee places, Stone Creek, and sampled and purchased some delicious blends.  In anticipation for a post-Christmas sewing machine purchase, I also picked up some decently-sized, super gorgeous fabric from Drawstring Studio.  I had never heard of them before, but I can’t wait to check out their brick and mortar store after Christmas!

Finally, Eric and I splurged on a treat that we hope will last us all year long.  We bought a City Tin!  20 coasters each contain a $10 coupon to different restaurants in Milwaukee.  For $25, we only have to use 3 to make them worth while, and at least 2 restaurants are ones we frequent already, with another 4 or 5 that we’ve been meaning to try.  Now we have some great excuses to check out local restaurants and have some great date nights!

While I’m on the subject, a quick note about shopping local:  I’m all for it.  Local businesses support our local economy by keeping money in our communities and offering jobs to people we live with.  I’m a huge supporter of The 3/50 Project–click this link or the badge on the bottom of the page to check it out.  Also, Milwaukee’s local version of a similar campaign can be found here.

Happy shopping!


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