Our Christmas Elf


December 5, 2010 by Ellen V

Remember this little guy?

Well, Dallas is really a huge part of what makes our house a home.  And, unfortunately, I have been ignoring this little gal.

Eric and I sat down to give Dallas a little trim this afternoon, and three things were quickly brought to my attention:

  1. Dallas needs a bath.
  2. Dallas needs a real haircut.  By professionals.
  3. Dallas’ claws and lethargic attitude lately has made it extremely apparent that she gets far too little exercise.

All three of the above items are completely and totally Eric’s and my fault.  The first two items will be taken care of by one costly (but well worth it) trip to the Doggy Spa sometime before Christmas.  The third?  I made a commitment to Dallas that for the rest of the winter I will take her on a walk or jog at least once a week.  And we started today!  She’s not a great walker (again, our fault, not her’s) but she seems so pleased with the attention.  We’re pleased to give it to her, too!


2 thoughts on “Our Christmas Elf

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