Very Merry Meat Rub

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December 13, 2010 by Ellen V

With the snowmageddon that annihilated the midwest this weekend, I had a few more hours in the house yesterday than I had previously anticipated.  Given the way this week is going so far, perhaps the storminess was a special gift from God to me to help me take a little break.  I doubt it, but I’m grateful anyway.

I spent that extra time at home working on some little Christmas gifts for our friends.  Eric and I are working with both time and money constraints, but Eric came up with the perfect thing: a spice blend to season a special meal!

We had all the ingredients on hand to make an enormous batch of one of our favorite meat rubs, The Memphis Rub.  Why so many spices in the house, you might ask?  Eric has a bit of problem when it comes to over-buying cheap herbs in bulk.  Either that, or he has a crush on the woman who works at The Spice House.

Anyway, I oct-drupled the recipe (a mix of brown sugar, cumin, celery seed, paprika, and more!) and printed up some easy little labels.  Since we’re giving the gifts on Friday, the rub is hanging out in the cool, dry refrigerator to be packed in small jars at the end of the week.

A little sweet, a little heat!

Merry, merry!

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