Christmas in Dallas: Part 1


December 23, 2010 by Ellen V

Though we might be questioning our sanity at this point, Eric and I have driven from Milwaukee to Dallas to celebrate Christmas with his family.  We had a (relatively) pleasant drive down, but we’re very excited to be in one place for a few days before we make the drive home.

Celebrating with my in-laws is always a blast, especially because we’re treated and pampered the whole time we are here.  It’s been almost a year since last time I was in the Dallas area, and it’s wonderful to be surrounded by family and friends and warmer temps!

A big part of our reasoning for driving down (rather than flying) was to detour through the area in East Texas where Eric’s family owned a lake house while he was growing up.  It was so fun to see him geek out–it’s been 10 years since he last saw the place!  The home itself is long gone, torn down and rebuilt by several owners.  Luckily, a few things from his youth remained, including his play house and this mailbox which still sports his(/our) last name.


Cypress Springs, in East Texas


East Texas was our first treat of the trip.  Our second came just hours later, as we passed this handsome dude driving into the greater Dallas area.


Santa, scoping out the Dallas area a few days early.


Today, we’re trying to help/stay out of the way as preparations are made for a big Christmas Eve gathering tomorrow and all the fantastic traditions that go with the holiday.  My awesome Mom-in-Law V spent most of the day preparing all the delicious food for tomorrow.  I’m smelling it all right now, drooling and realizing my own inadequacies in the kitchen.  Her very best creation?  Czech Christmas Bread (aka Vanocka)!  Both Eric and I are largely Czech, and something about this heavy, buttery bread just reminds me of home.


Vanocka, or Czech Christmas Bread


My hope is to convince Mama V to teach me how to make it myself someday, but, for now, I’ll just eat it and praise God I know someone who can make it for me!

More to come through the week and weekend, I hope.  For now–merry, merry!

One thought on “Christmas in Dallas: Part 1

  1. pinklaundry says:

    Perhaps you’re wondering about Part 2? Yeah, me too. I guess the holidays got the best of me!

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