2010 into 2011

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December 31, 2010 by Ellen V

It’s a warm, drizzly Friday in Milwaukee, and we sit on the crux of the New Year.  2010 has brought a host of new blessings, surprises, and challenges, and I can only look forward to more in 2011.  Here, a Housekeeper’s 2010 Year in Review as well as Housekeeping Resolutions for 2011.

A Housekeeper’s 2010 Year in Review

This year I…

  1. …was married, and moved out of an apartment and into a house.
  2. …learned it’s cheaper, easier, and less wasteful to cook for two than for one.
  3. …adopted (through marriage) a dog to clean up after.
  4. …got the best vacuum ever.
  5. built a compost receptacle and started composting.
  6. …started mowing our yard without gas.
  7. …gained a few extra pounds due to my husband’s excellent culinary skills.
  8. …managed to keep our house standing, despite all my attempts to wreck it all!
  9. …planted (and used!) basil, cherry tomatoes, and jalapenos from our own back yard.
  10. …kept to a regular chore list.  Most of the time.

Housekeeping Resolutions for 2011

This year I will…

  1. …learn to use my sewing machine!
  2. …create one new sewing project a month.
  3. …walk Dallas the Dog more often.
  4. …participate in Eric’s resolution to bake a new loaf of bread each day week.
  5. …plant more garden veggies.
  6. …continue to work on our budget, especially when it comes to saving more and chipping away at our student loans.
  7. …repaint and recover a bench for our porch with Mama K.
  8. …take care of myself so I can take care of my family, my friends, and the people I love most!
  9. …blog often and honestly, so I can track my progress (or lack there of).
  10. …invite more people to our home for dinner, drinks, and general merriment.
  11. …be patient with my mistakes and be proud of my successes!

Happy New Year!


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