Sewing Projects: January


January 2, 2011 by Ellen V

Project #1 is done!

But first, a shout out to my little sister Allison for sending me the best cookie recipe of my year: Hot and Sassy Peanut Butter Buds.  The recipe won a runner-up award in the Star Tribune’s annual Christmas cookie contest.  Check out the recipe.  It’s awesome.

Naughty AND Nice post-Christmas cookies!

On to sewing…

I have been so excited about my new sewing machine, and I wanted to get a small project under my belt right away.  I’ve been working on a throw pillow for basement use (where few people will see it).  All I needed was a few fat quarters (cut to be square), basic sewing supplies, and some batting (or an insert, if you’d rather).

Last week, I measured, cut and pinned the fabric.  I’m not a very careful or patient person by nature, so I was sure to take my time.  Earlier in the weekend, I sewed and stuffed the pillow.  Then tonight I hand-stitched the open seam, by far the hardest part.  I’m satisfied with my result.

The tan patterned pillow is my own creation!

I’m pleased with the pillow, especially my own patience with learning my sewing machine as well as its performance.  I’m also happy the stuffing turned out okay.  Next time,

Slip stitching sadness.

I’ll probably use an insert, and I definitely need much more practice with my slip stitch.  You can see, right, that the results were pretty sub-par.  All in all, it has been an okay first attempt.

To keep the momentum going, I’m already planning another small January project for my favorite little boys, Owen and Calvin.  I don’t want to lose patience with my hand-sewing skills just yet!


One thought on “Sewing Projects: January

  1. LK says:

    Holy cow! I think it looks great! Impressive!

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