Sewing Projects: January II


January 14, 2011 by Ellen V

In an effort to stay motivated and keep up my enthusiasm, I did a second sewing project this month.  Using Martha Stewart’s instructions and patterns (found here), I created two little stuffed bunnies for my cousin’s little boys, Calvin and Owen.

Though simple, the project was much more complex than the pillow I made earlier in the month.  I had to use patterns, sew and stuff multiple pieces together, and combine machine sewing and hand sewing skills.

Flannel stuffed bunnies for Owen and Calvin

Luckily, I got to do the whole thing twice!

I am fairly pleased with how the little guys turned out.  The hand sewing was very difficult for me, as the pieces were already stuffed.  One of the ears got a little mangled, but the rest (somehow) turned out okay.  The buttons make them look a little crazy, I know, yet somehow I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.  Handmade charm, right?

I warned the boys’ mom that these little guys are coming her way, and let her know that if the boys never see the bunnies, I never have to know.  It just makes me happy to feel like they might get used.  Progress?  I hope!


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