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January 21, 2011 by Ellen V

It is cold in the Milwaukee area today.  Like, -2 degree real temperature, -15 degree windchill cold.  It does remind me a bit of my childhood, though.  To encourage myself to suck it up and get out there today, I did check the weather in my hometown this morning.  One word: yikes.




When you grow up around weather like that, you learn some lessons through experience.  The following are few things I feel obligated to remind my Texan husband and my transplanted friends during these chilly times:

  1. Keep your car’s gas tank at least a quarter tank full at all times.  You do not want to be stuck in negative temps with a car that won’t start!
  2. Dress for the weather, Silly!  Wear a hat and gloves when you go outside; heat escapes from your limbs!
  3. Those of us addicted to exercise or yardwork have a hard time limiting our outdoor time, even in conditions like these.  You can be smart by limiting the time you spend outdoors, minimizing skin exposure, and walking or running into the wind first, then turning around with the wind at your back.
  4. Excessive drinking modifies our ability to regulate body temperature and to have an accurate sense of body temperature.  There’s a big football game around these parts this weekend, and many people are pre-gaming.  Go Pack Go, right?  Just keep a sober friend or two around, and plan ahead to keep the partying indoors.
  5. Stay hydrated and eat regularly.  Our metabolism does wonders for blood flow!
  6. As always, be cautious in your use of space heaters, candles, etc.  Don’t leave such items unattended and keep them clear of babies and pets!
  7. Finally, use these frigid temperatures and snowy days of January to spend a little extra quality time with the people you love!  These are the times that make our houses into homes.

I know many readers are Minnesotans themselves.  Please feel free to share your tips and tricks for staying warm!


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