Exhaustion, the Packers, and Other Weekend Things


January 23, 2011 by Ellen V

My life is absolutely insane.  I won’t spell out all the grueling details here.  Let it be known that I look forward to the moments I can sit and relax on my couch with my whole heart.

Our final weekend event will be a Packers Party at the home of a family I know from my previous job.  They are awesome people, and we love them very much.  We love them so much that even though neither Eric nor I care very much about football at all, we will go to their house, eat their food, and cheer spiritedly for the Pack.  I might even actually hope that they win this all-important play-off game against the dreaded Bears.  As Mama K would say, “Not sayin’, just sayin’…”

So, with someone else hosting the party, I’ll leave you with a few Packer-themed hostessing ideas for the Superbowl gathering that Eric and I hope to throw in a few weeks.

I am sad to admit, I already own this... Mine was given to me as a joke/gift, but I encourage you to find your very own.

Packers and Cocktails = Wisconsin Heaven. Apple martinis and brandy old-fashioneds are two Wisconsin favorites.

Just one of hundreds of classy hostessing options from Green and Gold Zone, a local Packer supply store.

The essential hostessing item for any Packer Party.

Speaking of classy... Find these earrings and so many more wearable items at joolrylane's Etsy shop.

Go Pack Go!


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