Real Wisconsin

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January 28, 2011 by Ellen V


An older picture of one of our favorite winter past times on the lake.

Like real food, real Wisconsin is easy to come by but often under appreciated.  Eric and I are blessed to have use of his family’s lake house in central Wisconsin, and we sneak away there whenever we can.  This weekend, we have almost 48 hours of a blazing fireplace, simple meals, a big comfy bed, space for Dallas the Dog to run, and blissful quiet.  Needless to say, I am very at home here.


I’m grateful for the time we have here, and I am always looking for ways to take this lake home back to our Milwaukee area home.  Here, it is so easy to forget about the cell phone, turn off the television, and spend hours playing games, reading, napping, cooking (and eating!), playing outdoors, and generally participating in activities that recharge the weekday batteries.  My goal in making my house a home is to create a place like this, a place where people feel relaxed and refreshed.  A fireplace might help.


Dallas the Dog by our warm little fire.




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