Happy February

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February 1, 2011 by Ellen V

Milwaukee is facing a true blizzard over the next 24 hours, and Eric and I are hunkering down and planning on staying indoors for a while.  His classes have been cancelled, my office is closed, and we’re stocked with plenty of provisions.

I’m trying to make productive use of my newly found time.  We caught up on our daily chores.  I sewed a button that had fallen off my winter coat weeks ago and chose a February sewing project.  I’m hoping to make a yummy-looking cookie recipe tomorrow.  We’ll probably start preparing our house for the Ultimate Superbowl Packer Party we will host on Sunday.  Maybe, if we get truly motivated, Eric and I will even begin work on our taxes!  And in between all those things, of course, the snowblower will be working overtime.

The only things missing?  Beer and a good movie to pass the time on this stormy night.  We better get out there while we still can!


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