When Texans and Minnesotans Marry…


February 2, 2011 by Ellen V

…they spend their snow days shoveling and making cowboy cookies!

Eric and Dallas the Dog attempted a trip outside early this morning.

I am absolutely blessed to have a husband who, despite an upbringing in a climate much warmer than this one, spent three hours today shoveling our driveway, sideways, and walkway.  I helped, though minimally, and we’re both thankful it’s done.  For now.

Besides a day off of work and classes, the best part of the day by far has been an excuse to make some cowboy cookies, a recipe I’ve been meaning to try for a while.  My favorite cookie in Milwaukee is the Alterra Cowboy Cookie: always slightly warm, gooey, and filled with walnuts, chocolate chips, oats, and more.  While Alterra is usually praised in the Milwaukee area for a great many assets (delicious coffee, booming local business, etc, etc), it’s that darn Cowboy Cookie that would make me run an extra mile any day of the week.  The chance to make my own?  Simply unimaginable.  I found a great-looking recipe using mostly ingredients I already had on hand, and I’m not sure I could have used that hour of my morning in any better way.  Though not as fantastic as Alterra’s, the recipe did a decent job measuring up.  I did substitute walnuts for pecans (walnuts are much preferred in this home) and half the white flour for wheat flour.  Next time, I’ll add a little cinnamon.  Or nutmeg.  Or both.  All in all?  A successful recipe I am certain to use again.

Now that we can see our street again and there is some hope of getting out of my driveway, I’ll spend the rest of my day relaxing, finishing up a few odds and ends, and thanking God for husbands and snowplows.  As this storm system caught most of the country, I hope you’re safe where you are!


2 thoughts on “When Texans and Minnesotans Marry…

  1. LK says:

    No pictures of the cookies???

  2. Kristine says:

    Stumbled over here looking for an Alterra cowboy cookie recipe. Off to try yours tomorrow 🙂 From a Wisconsin girl transplanted South…

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