Dallas the Dog, Pulled Pork, and Casino

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February 4, 2011 by Ellen V

What do Dallas the Dog, pulled pork sandwiches, and the card game Casino have in common?

They were the staples of our Thursday night.

Our most regular summer dog sitter hadn’t been over in a while, so we invited her and her special friend for a Dallas visit and dinner last night.  We ate a simple meal of pulled pork on rolls, buttered green beans, and oven fries, caught up, and laughed hard.  We don’t have many friends of the non-drinking or under-21 variety, and since this couple was the latter, it was nice to have an evening off of the usual wine/beer/cocktail hosting routine.

After dinner, Eric and I introduced our young friends to one of many favorite card games.  Our game of choice last night was Casino.  The instructions may seem convoluted at first, but give it a round or two and you’ll catch on.  We love playing games with new and old friends when we need a little something to break the ice.  We have busted out the Wii for Eric’s professor and her kids, played round after round of Peanuts with close friends, forced my family into tipsy games of Quelf, and beaten more than a few of Eric’s classmates in Scrabble.  Casino was perfect for last night: a small group, about an hour to kill, and plenty of chances to chat in between hands.

Now, our focus is on Sunday’s Superbowl Party.  Bring on the football food!


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