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February 9, 2011 by Ellen V

Recently, an acquaintance that I see often has really gotten on her soapbox regarding healthy eating.  She’s constantly critiquing the way others eat.  She’s gone so far as to email a daily tip on healthy living.

It’s gotten me thinking…  Do I maybe do that?  Perhaps this blog, which was intended to make fun of my constant housekeeping blunders and encourage me to work harder at keeping my home and my little family well, has become a place where I simply brag about my own accomplishments.  Ugh.  This is so not in keeping with my goal.

If it takes annoying acquaintances to bring me back to reality, so be it.  I should note, for good measure, that it took Eric and I three days to get around to cleaning the Super Bowl dishes, and there continues to be a cooler filled with melted snow in the middle of my kitchen.  Pride?  Trashed.



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