Easy and Fun Reads for February

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February 17, 2011 by Ellen V

I just got my hands on two books.  I am absolutely thrilled to tell you about each of them, though for drastically different reasons!

The first came to my doorstep via Amazon on Tuesday.  Urban Pantry by Amy Pennington is a fantastic cookbook/handbook for anyone seeking to utilize space, minimize environmental impact, and cook up delicious food!  There are recipes throughout the book, but Ms. Pennington also takes time to guide her readers through the jarring and canning process, beginning a kitchen garden, choosing healthy ingredients, and more.  I can’t wait to roll my own pasta and can some of Eric’s favorite salsa!

The second was placed in my hands for a few hours at work on Wednesday morning.  My lovely coworker and friend Teri brought a book to show me that used to belong to her grandmother.  Polite Society at Home and Abroad by Annie R. White is a guidebook for young women in society.  The book’s copyright dates back to 1891 (though the link here is from a recent edition).  Teri knows my interest in all things related to manners and etiquette.  I love it!  While times have certainly changed (I haven’t recently been concerned about to wear while playing lawn-tennis), the dated advice makes me smile and the plenty that is still relevant is quite charming!  It’s sad to think of the reality that many of our culture’s manners have fallen by the wayside.

Both books get two thumbs up from this girl.

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