Sewing Projects: February I


February 19, 2011 by Ellen V

This morning I put together a quick little sewing project, the first of two aprons in February.  I’m so excited about it!


Martha Stewart's Simple Dish Towel Apron



This dish towel apron was extremely simple, but allowed me to practice winding my bobbin and threading my machine again.  If I could do it over again, I would have made this my first project.  It’s absolutely fail-proof!

The instructions came from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts.  You can also find them online here.  Because there is no hemming needed, this sewing project was a great opportunity to practice basic skills.  Plus, I’ll be mailing it to my favorite baker (little sister KTK) soon, so I didn’t even bother ironing.  Nice, right?

Next on my schedule is a much more complex baker’s apron that may or may not get sent to the other little sister, depending on whether it is usable when I’m said and done!  The fabric is cut and the machine is re-threaded with matching thread.  I hope to accomplish the project next weekend!


4 thoughts on “Sewing Projects: February I

  1. jsophia says:

    I just read a bunch of your posts on sewing! Remember our quilt camp at age 12? Well, that quilt is the one I use on my bed now! Anyway, I stayed away from the old sewing machine for years, but, then, a couple years ago I finally had space in my apartment for the machine, and went to work. My first couple projects were embarrassing. All my fabric was wrong, my darts weren’t even, my zippers fell out. Terrible. Then, my mom gifted me the best sewing book, ever: She has tips for everything and walks you through, step by step. There are also dozens of patterns for clothing, housing items, curtains, purses, etc. Can’t wait to see your upcoming projects! I have a bunch that I’ll be posting about soon, too.

  2. pinklaundry says:

    Hooray! I think maybe I need just one more sewing book for a complete library 🙂

  3. […] used simple, cheap (but sturdy) red fabric for a baker’s apron!  Much more complex than the last apron I attempted, this guy is a little rough around the edges, but I think he’ll get the job done. […]

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