Lent 2011


March 8, 2011 by Ellen V

Happy Mardis Gras!  Today, Eric and I will fatten ourselves on various meat sources as we prepare for a meat-free Lent.  Yes, we’ve committed to abstinence from meat until Easter.  Scary?  A little.  Exciting? Very.

This commitment will definitely change our eating habits over the next few weeks, and I’ll certainly be letting you know about the great (and not-so-great) vegetarian experiments.  We’ve been working more meatless meals into our diet over the last few weeks, and I am looking forward to even more adventures in eating.


5 thoughts on “Lent 2011

  1. jsophia says:

    Black beans. Really, that’s all you need! I rarely cook with meat, so let me know if you want some ideas. Also, does “meat” include or exclude fish?

    • pinklaundry says:

      Good call. We’ve been experimenting with lots of lentils lately, black beans being by far the yummiest. I think we’ve decided we can eat fish, since we rarely eat it anyway.

      What I would love most is if you wait two weeks, and then give me a few meal ideas! I have a feeling we’ll start getting stuck around then.

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