Grocery Bill Woes

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March 20, 2011 by Ellen V

Lately, Eric has been covering our weekly grocery shopping trips, and I have been blissfully unaware of the bill.  With our recent meat-free diet, I figure it might have been a little lower than usual, but Eric’s pretty thrifty overall and I remain unconcerned either way.

This weekend, it was my turn.

My work schedule is nuts this week, and we’ll only be eating one meal together–tonight.  Between that and the vegetarian thing, you’d think our bill would be next to nothing.

Food has gotten expensive.  And it makes me sad.  There are some things that no amount of menu planning/deal watching/meat free eating/making from scratch can save.  And this makes me very sad.

I realize that at least a portion of all of this would be under control if we would stop shopping at our local grocery store, but under no circumstances do I want to go back to walking a half-mile from the produce to the deli and having 27 choices for ketchup in the big box store.  Ugh.

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