Spring has (finally) Sprung


May 21, 2011 by Ellen V

Herbs and Veggies

I’ve been desperate to get some planting done and finally, finally Eric and I were able to get started on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

We re-potted and added to a few herbs that have been struggling along on our kitchen window sill since Christmas, and we added a few tomatoes and peppers to the mix.  All the growing edibles should complement our CSA boxes really well.

Eric and I also scoped out the rest of our backyard for a bigger project–ripping out the mulch and shrubs so we can have a little green space.  It’s a project for a different weekend, but I think we’ve got a good game plan.

Here’s hoping for lots of sunshine, a little rain, and a happy summer!


2 thoughts on “Spring has (finally) Sprung

  1. […] lots of yummy food from our “garden” and our CSA boxes (which start coming this week! […]

  2. […] little added treat: our garden of pots is growing quickly! You can see the first stage here. Now, at the beginning of July, we’re seeing major results. Our little plants are growing […]

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