Off on a Better Foot

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May 25, 2011 by Ellen V

You’d think life would have slowed down a bit by now, but of course it hasn’t.  We’re trying to figure out the way to make our house a home… even amidst the chaos of busy schedules.

One of the biggest thorns in my housewifing side is cleaning.  I’m bad at it, and (let’s be honest) I don’t really like to do it.  Our chore list got thrown out months ago–mostly because I wasn’t really paying any attention to it.  So we’ve set a new goal: get it done, and as early in the week as possible.

With any luck, a slower summer schedule will help us get things on the right track again, and by Sunday or Monday each week we’ll be able to enjoy a neat and tidy home for whole days at a time.  Keep your fingers crossed for us–I need all the good karma I can get on this one!


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