Some Things Never Change… or do they?

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June 7, 2011 by Ellen V

Sunday evening, I had the rare but thrilling experience of having one of Eric’s professors and her family to dinner at our house.  It wasn’t until Monday that I realized there were some real similarities to playing 1950’s housewife and hostess to my husband’s boss–but not quite.

The Similar

  • An anxious need to impress, including a solid housecleaning and a delicious meal that everyone, including their 10-year-old twins, could enjoy
  • Face made up and hair done (for once!)
  • Background music
  • A real desire for a secret shot of something potently alcoholic in the kitchen
The Dissimilar
  • Kid-friendly food (build-your-own quesadillas) and entertainment (Wii!)
  • The chillest adults I know
  • A husband who helps prepare, entertain, and clean up
  • A real knowledge that burnt quesadillas would probably not actually hurt Eric’s career
  • No aprons–though I was wearing white and probably should have put one on, knowing my own klutziness
The entertaining thing doesn’t exactly come naturally to me, but I oh so enjoy having good friends and colleagues to our home and sharing our time with them.  I can only hope for another adventure soon!

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