The Great Bark Removal, Continued


July 4, 2011 by Ellen V

Yesterday, Eric and I finished up the Great Bark Removal of 2011. Stage 3 was a huge success, and now all we need to do is pray our little grass seeds will grow!

Mission accomplished!

Stage 3, Part 1: Finish edging. After our experience earlier in the weekend, this went pretty quickly. I was able to dig the trench while Eric began on Part 2, and then it only took us a few minutes to set the actual edging together.

Stage 3, Part 2: Build a garden box. We have dreams of having a cute little eco-friendly area by the garage. Plus, it only seemed natural that we would have something to put our compost in! Eric built the box (which we hope will keep the rabbits away and keep our habit contained), and we filled it with some leftover top soil and compost. Our potted plants are doing quite well, so I had no desire to transplant them. Instead, we bought a few more herbs (thyme, oregano and cilantro) to put the area to good use yet this year. Now all we need is a rain barrel!

Stage 3, Part 3: A quick weeding and watering set everything in place and made our yard look clean.

Now grow, grass, grow!


One thought on “The Great Bark Removal, Continued

  1. […] that almost hints at greenness sometimes pops up here or there. Whew. We’ve tended to the back a little more carefully, as the grass is so new and we have veggies growing. Our pepper plants are […]

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