Maple Whiskey-Poached Peaches


July 26, 2011 by Ellen V

One of the major projects Eric and I were able to complete this weekend was canning! Neither of us had ever done real canning, and we were nervous and excited to give it a try!

I had gotten my hands on half a 25-lb. crate of gorgeous Georgia peaches last week and after seeing this recipe in Martha Stewart Living, it seemed like our Saturday project was meant to be! We had the perfect amount of maple whiskey left in our liquor cabinet, and it seemed like the perfect fit! So I got everything set up, and we went to town.


After I got the jars boiling to sterilize, Eric helped me heat, peal, and slice the peaches.

Prepping peaches

We boiled water, sugar, vanilla, and the bourbon and added the peaches to poach. After they were soft, we scooped them out and let the sauce reduce. Then–the fun part! Canning!

For this canning virgin, it was definitely a two person job and I was so thankful Eric was willing to try this project with me. When the peaches and sauce were ready, we removed the cans from the boiling water, scooping a little of the simmering water onto the jar lids to sterilize them, as well. Then we filled the cans, lidded them, and loosely placed the rims on the jars. Then we put the jars, a few at a time, back into the boiling water to process for 10 more minutes. As the jars cooled, the lids sucked into the jars, we screwed the rims on more tightly, and let them cool.

almost ready

The next day, Eric made pretty little labels so we can give a few jars away to some friends and family. And, of course, we sampled some over yogurt (don’t worry–that whiskey was boiled out!), but I imagine it’ll be great on pancakes, ice cream, or any number of things. Thanks, Martha!

A finished product!


One thought on “Maple Whiskey-Poached Peaches

  1. LK says:

    Will the peaches be coming to Door County? Please.

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