Summer Road Trippin’ Part 4


August 14, 2011 by Ellen V

I’m in full recovery mode after a great week away with my wonderful husband and our great families!

Mama K kicked tail in mini golf.

We started our trip last Friday, meandering our way up to Door County–a kitschy but oh-so-beautiful space in Northern Wisconsin. Eric and I have been there two other summers and spent our January honeymoon there. We love it! We were able to spend time with my parents while we were there, and we managed to do a whole load of things we hadn’t done before.

Some of my favorite parts of this particular trip to The Door were picking our own tart cherries (a pie to come later

Mama and Papa K played Skee-Ball like pros!

this week!), seeing a musical in Peninsula State Park, kayaking across one of the bays, mini golf and arcading with my parents, a girls-only pedicure trip, and an excursion to the absolutely stunning Cave Point County Park. As always, the food was amazing, as well. My favorite new places to eat were Pink Bakery in Egg Harbor and Fred and Fuzzy’s in Sister Bay. Yum!

After a lovely time in Door County, we made our way to my in-laws’ lake house in central Wisconsin. What a wild time! The place was packed and we were lucky enough to have a bed in the midst of it all. It was great to eat well, have some boat and beach time, and do all our favorite lake things. We stole our good friends from Dallas away from their daughter one morning to run a 5K, hit up a small-town street dance, and taught everyone our favorite card game–PEANUTS!

Cave Point County Park

We are exhausted but grateful for the time away, the time with family, and the time together. I’m so not ready for work tomorrow!

Papa V and MK in matching red chairs.

Our send-off from Dallas friends Aubrey and Adam--the next people to be expecting better watch out! We now have at least a dozen magnets!

One thought on “Summer Road Trippin’ Part 4

  1. Gwen says:

    Why am I not surprised that Louise rocked mini-golf? I’m sure she has many other talents unbeknownst to others! Love today’s entry!

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