Successes and Blunders in the Garden


August 27, 2011 by Ellen V

We should be in the midst of vegetable harvest by now, but our little “garden” of potted veggies hasn’t turned out as well as we had hoped.

Our herbs have thrived, and we’ve been using mint, parsley, and basil all season and thyme and oregano while we’ve had them (they were planted way late in the garden box we built in July). The cilantro–also planted late–was immediately eaten by rabbits. Oh, well. You win some, you lose some.

Eric transplanted some gourds that had successfully sprouted out of our compost pile into our garden box. They seem to be doing well, but we’ll see if they actually bear us any fruit. If that little experiment fails, we’ll be no worse for wear.

The jalapeños gave us a few peppers early, and they’ve just now sprouted a second round. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this little plant will give us more spicy goodness.

Our tomatoes have been a huge disappointment. We planted heirlooms this year, and we were so excited for some big, colorful fruits. Unfortunately, the squirrels have stolen every. single. one. Ugh! Just before one is about to turn color, we’ll wake up to its disappearance. Eric often finds the half-eaten tomatoes hidden in the bushes. I know there are things we could do to prevent this from happening, but at this point… I’ve just about given up. Disheartening.

This will end on a cheerful note, however. Yesterday, after a long walk with Dallas, I came home to find this waiting for me:

Why, hello, Happy Little Cayenne Pepper!

Finally, finally our cayenne chili peppers have begun to ripen and (hopefully) there is no chance of critters stealing those! I’m not sure if we’ll dry them or pickle them or try something else, but it’s nice to know that we’ll have at least one veggie to harvest over the next week or two!


One thought on “Successes and Blunders in the Garden

  1. I know what you mean. I planted 5 tomato plants and one of them keeps getting the top bitten off, deer probably. My peppers are small but I have two sweet cayenne peppers that have formed so I am considering it a success.

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