Chore Charting


September 7, 2011 by Ellen V

Eric and I are always on the hunt for a more efficient way to get our housework done. We tend to operate a little differently when it comes to chores, and, to avoid getting on one another’s nerves, we look for ways to get things done. On a trip this summer, we came across this little guy, which I am attempting to recreate at home.

I love it! Unfortunately, the chart doesn’t actually do your chores for you…


One thought on “Chore Charting

  1. k says:

    How great is that! To involve the entire family the responsibility of chores…. I had a magnet with each of our names on it. I divided the chores for each of us in to some requiring more time and energy and some needing far less, then I rotated the magnets around so everyone took a turn at the duties. Your cousins still remember the chore list and the magnets. It’s just the two of us again so the chart has left the frig but we still “share the fun” of taking care of things around our home. If only I had Harry Potter’s magic wand…..

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