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September 24, 2011 by Ellen V

Months ago, Eric stumbled upon a blog post (the name of which escapes me now–maybe he’ll post it in the comments if he reads this) about childrearing from a male perspective. The post clued us into Just Between Friends. As first-time parents, were were able to attend on Wednesday night before this weekend’s Milwaukee sale went public.

The concept is simple: a one-stop-shop for consignment baby gear. A giant garage sale of baby stuff in good condition? Yes, please! We didn’t want to go overboard, but for about $30 we walked away with a few things we didn’t think people would be gifting us. Most of all, we had fun shopping with friends who are also expecting!

My favorite buys included two sets of flash cards. I hope to nab a few to help in the area of nursery decor. And the rest can be use for (gasp!) their intended purpose.

Apparently this Just Between Friends deal happens all over the country, and I highly recommend it as an eco-friendly alternative to buying all your baby gear new. Happy shopping!

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