Not-Quite-Extreme Couponing

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September 27, 2011 by Ellen V

A few weeks ago, Eric and I decided to invest in a newspaper subscription for the second time in our marriage.

The first time around, we had gone with the a 3 day/week subscription to the Chicago Times. It was nice to have the paper around, but ultimately–even though it was much cheaper than the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–it was very… Chicago. And we never read it. So we got rid of it.

We’ve been missing our crosswords, among other things, and so we decided to try it again, but this time with the Journal. My goal? To clip enough in coupons to make up the difference.

Well, to be honest, that hasn’t worked out so well. While we really like getting the paper and there are some coupons on Sundays, the selection is pretty sparse. We’re also finding that so much of what we buy are fresh ingredients (like produce), that coupons don’t do us much good unless they are for exactly what we need in a given week.

Enter, the inter-webs.

I’m still intent on meeting my goal, but no one said I couldn’t use some outside help. I plan to use sites like and to increase my savings over the next few weeks. Saving 96%? Probably not going to happen. But I would like to see an increase in savings from $2/week to $4-5/week. As a favorite high school coach would say–that is an exciting and achievable goal!

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