Uncluttering: The Good, Bad, and Baby

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October 9, 2011 by Ellen V

There is nothing I love more than a good purge. I’m always itching for the next closet to clean out. But lately, with our first little one on the way, it seems like the stuff just keeps coming in, and nothing is leaving.

You can only imagine my horror.

Eric and I want our children to have everything they need (and a few things they want), but in our tiny little house, there’s just no room! And really–does this little tiny one really “want” anything at all other than food, clean diapers, and a place to lay her head? Yikes.

Add to the to do list for the next three months the investment of some really great storage devices and the decision to not flip out until we see what we do or don’t need. In the meantime, I found this fantastic article from thebump.com. If nothing else, I am reminded that this is a common problem. I’m sure I’m a lot more worried than the little one is!

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