It’s a Wrap

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October 14, 2011 by Ellen V

Today's projects included several small packages wrapped in newspaper and crepe paper.

My extensive checklist today included wrapping a bunch of gifts (for awesome people). As I’ve mentioned before, I really hate buying gift wrapping supplies. Most of my improvisation includes newspaper, but I’ve been known to use a few other tricks.

Now that I’m done for today, here are some fun ideas (by more intelligent people than me) to keep in mind for the future. Christmas is coming!

  1. Paper bags make a great base for ribbon, buttons, paper cut-outs, or yarn.
  2. It seems like little ornaments and trinkets clutter up everything during the holidays. Why not reuse them to brighten up some simple paper? I think these would look great with my newspaper standby!
  3. This site offers tons of great tips. My favorite ideas are using maps (I think we have an old atlas around somewhere…) and wall paper!
  4. Here’s a second site with lots of great ideas like making cloth bags with fabric scraps.
  5. The best idea yet is using waxed paper. Ribbon, flowers, or any flat item can be iron in between two sheets to create something different and new!

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