Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup Memories

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October 16, 2011 by Ellen V

My dad usually made it home in time to eat dinner with us while we were growing up, but he rarely had time to cook it. I think the rarity of it just makes the memories of Papa K  in the kitchen always good ones. He had a few standbys that were awesome (gingerbread cookies! homemade salsa! wontons!) and a few that were pretty terrible (canned carrots? Kraft spaghetti? garbage bars?). My favorite meal that Papa K made but once a year–if we were lucky–was cauliflower and broccoli soup.

I remember the soup taking hours to make, but I’m not sure that memory is entirely accurate. He would carefully make a rue, and then add milk just tablespoons at a time to create the thick, creamy broth. Dad would throw in whatever spices seemed to tickle his fancy that day–you can never have too much red pepper, though! And the soup always had a bay leaf. It seemed like a special prize if it landed in your bowl!

An easy version of Papa K's famous cauliflower and broccoli soup.

Missing that delicious creation, I made a much simpler version a few days ago based on this Betty Crocker recipe. I used both broccoli and cauliflower to bring back good memories, and skipped the blender for a nice, chunky soup. It wasn’t nearly as good as Papa K’s, but it did the trick. An awesome fall treat with vegetables in season right now!

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